Projects & Activities

CIRD implements scientific research, action and educational projects to strengthen ‘The Rule of Democracy’. Our focuses are in the area of international sentiment and tolerance as well as the free democratic basic order and European values. Recent phenomena as well as permanent issues, that promote or challenge democratic values, are in the focus of CIRD. Working on the highest scientific standards, we cover a wide range of topics, including Human Rights & Good Governance, Law Enforcement & Security and Justice & the Rule of Law in various contexts.

We always pursue a holistic approach and interdisciplinarily link the different perspectives, experiences and knowledge of the relevant actors. So that we learn from and with each other.

Under international and national funds we work within the framework of e.g. the EU ISF fund, EU Justice Programme, EU Horizon 2020, EU Rights Equality and Citizinship (REC), Erasmus+ as well as with funds from Federeal Ministries like the BMBF.