Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles - CIRD e.V.

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Our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles


Sustainable understanding about ‘The Rule of Democracy’ in all parts of society around the world.


Our mission is to take responsibility to promote the Rule of Democracy using science and education as a platform where all parts of within one and from different societies can meet and jointly work, benefit and build sustainable knowledge on the understanding and respect for and with one another.

Guiding Principles

1. We work independently and on high recognized scientific standards;
2. We take responsibility to promote and strengthen ‘The Rule of Democracy’;
2. We support our partners and interested actors in the application, administration and implementation of research and education projects funded by third parties and make our expertise available;
4. The board is only remunerated for project work by means of specifically raised funds; All necessary tasks for the administration of the association are done by the board on a voluntary basis;
5. The association and its work is transparent: Transparency in science is for us one of the essential ingredients for creating credibility and trust.
6. Openness and curiosity: We always strive to be open to new and different approaches. For us there is nothing that is of no interest;
7. Knowledge Transfer: There are two things that increase when you share them - happiness and knowledge. Knowledge transfer is for us not just a concern but a task: We offer a platform for everyone to gain, gather and share knowledge;
8. We pursue the approach of always working interdisciplinary;
9. Unity of scientific research and education: CIRD works as a part of the networking between research and education;
10. Development: Nobody is perfect. We are not perfect either. But we work hard to come a little closer to perfect. Continuous development requires self-criticism, reflection, openness, trust, fairness and the claim to always want to work the extra mile. We always strive to establish this claim in our internal and external structures.
11. We send a tax-recognized donation receipt for all donations from 200 euros. For all donations up to 200 euros, proof of payment from the donors is recognized as proof of donation (according to German Law).

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