It is our goal, together with partners and experts from Europe and the world, to implement scientific research and educational projects to strengthen ‘The Rule of Democracy’ and to create a strong network between all actors.

Our Network various throughout the academic, practical and civil society sector and inlcudes among others universities, NGOs, state authorities, companies, international organizations and individual experts. Our expertise shall support our network in the acquisition of project funds, implementation and administration of those projects.

Although each team member, partner and expert has his or her specialty and we complement each other perfectly, we always support each other and exchange ideas in all necessary steps along the way. We regularly review our working methods and strive for continuous development.

CIRD e.V. Team

First board and founding member (1. Vorsitzende)
Second board and founding member (2. Vorsitzender)
Treasurer and Founding Member (Kassenwartin)

CIRD e.V. Experts

Sociologist and Criminologist – Greece
Public Prosecutor – Germany
Professor of Criminal Law – Germany
Director of the public Agency for the support of Civil Society – Albania
Entrepreneur – Albania