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Our Team, Partners and Experts

It is our goal, together with partners and experts from Europe and the world, to implement scientific research and educational projects to strengthen ‘The Rule of Democracy’ and to create a strong network between all actors.

Our Network various throughout the academic, practical and civil society sector and inlcudes among others universities, NGOs, state authorities, companies, international organizations and individual experts. Our expertise shall support our network in the acquisition of project funds, implementation and administration of those projects.

Although each team member, partner and expert has his or her specialty and we complement each other perfectly, we always support each other and exchange ideas in all necessary steps along the way. We regularly review our working methods and strive for continuous development.

>>>>    CIRD TEAM    <<<<

# MA Sarah Holland-Kunkel, first board and founding member
(1. Vorsitzende)

Sarah is our expert for projectmanagement. She holds a certificate of the International Projectmanagement Association (IPMA) and her research expertise and field of interest are Good Governance and Human Rights. She also works as a lecturer at universities in the field of projectmanagement and human rights. Sarah has plenty of work experience in the implementation of international and national funded projects under the framework of the e.g. EU Justice programm, EU ISF Fond, Twinning as well as under the federal ministries BMFSFJ and BMBF.

# Dr. Trygve Ben Holland, second board and founding member
(2. Vorsitzender)

Trygve Ben Holland is a legal practitioner and holds a PhD/LLM in European Law. He has twenty years of practical experience in different countries in the framework of EU issues as a e.g. professor, legal adviser and consultant. He has various experience in the field of national and international project work and is our expert for the application procedure of third-party funded projects. Ben is author of various scientific publications.

# Dr. Cordula Hartleben, Treasurer and Founding Member

Dr. Cordula Hartmann holds a doctorate in medicin and works as a family physician. She is an expert on health issues that are important in the social and demcoratic discourse.

# Mister Sven Rode, Founding Member

Mister Sven Rode is founding member of CIRD e.V. and an expert on physical security systems for companies and public authorities.

# Mister Volker Kunkel, Founding Member

Mister Volker Kunkel is founding member of CIRD e.V. and an an mulitmedia and IT expert in various contexts. He has already collaborated in and supported a number of research and educational projects.

# Miss Susanne Kunkel, Founding Member

Miss Susanne Kunkel is founding member of CIRD e.V. and an expert in adult educational training and life long learning concepts as well as public education institutions.

>>>>    CIRD PARTNERS    <<<<

# Institut of Police and Security Research (IPoS), Bremen Germany

Since 2006, University for Public Administration Bremen (HfÖV) is operating the Institute of Police and Security Research (IPoS). As an interdisciplinary institute of the University the IPoS focuses on research in the field of police, security and related topics. As a research institute, IPoS considers all activities as a service to science and contribution to the improvement of society.

Read more about IPoS here

# European Public Law Organization (EPLO), Atheens Greece

The EPLO is an international organization dedicated to the creation and disse-mination of knowledge in the area of Public Law lato sensu and Governance, European public law, human rights law and the promotion of European values for a better generation of lawyers and democratic institutions worldwide. To this date, it has developed, organized, promoted and supported more than 200 educational, research, training, institution building and other activities and has provided assistance to democratic institutions in more than 70 countries. In or-der to accomplish its purposes, EPLO promotes the cooperation with other in-stitutions, organizations and bodies in particular within the United Nations system: EPLO has been granted the Observer Status at the General Assembly of the United Nations, at the World Intellectual Property Organization, Inter-national Labor Organization and the International Organization for Migration.

Read more about EPLO here

# Northern Business School (NBS), Hamburg Germany

NBS, established in 2007 by companies and trade associations within the metropolitan area of Hamburg, is specialised in applied Risk and Security Management, focussing maritime security, hybrid issues, and intelligence.
At academic level, NBS is strongly interconnected with institution around the Baltic Sea. With a view to the business sector, NBS collaborates with the German Association for Security in Industry and Commerce with 600 com-panies as members.

Read more about NBS here.

# University for Public Administration (HfÖV), Bremen Germany

The HfÖV, established 1979 by Law, is a public body in the area of education and trainings for public managerial and operative servants. In the federal system of Germany, HfÖV Bremen is subordinated to the Senate of Interior and the Senate of Finance (note: Senate = Ministry) at regional government level of the Federal State Bremen.
The University operates three specific study programmes: Police, Risk and Se-curity Management, and Tax Law/Investigations. With a focus on present pro-ject proposal it shall be highlighted that HfÖV serves as Police Academy in conjunction with Risk- and Security Management study programmes for offi-cials and specialized personnel of the industry (primarily in the sectors avi-ation, ports, automotive). Currently, there are 1,700 students enrolled in the study programmes out of which 1,500 are police officers.
HfÖV serves to educate public administration officers, senior officials, law enforcement officers and servants of the penitentiary system. HfÖV operates the Training and Education Centre of the Federal State Bremen (AFZ) with app. 200 seminars, workshops, trainings and other programmes annually; the number of participants amounts to averagely 3,000 participants p.a.

Read more about HfÖV here


>>>>    CIRD EXPERTS    <<<<

# Dr. Vasso Artinopoulou, Sociologist and Criminologist - Greece

Vasso is a Professor in Criminology in the Sociology Department and the f. Vice Rector of Economic Affairs and Development at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, Greece. She also works within the international organization EPLO.

She contributes her expertise to CIRD in the fields of restoritiv justice, victime protection, women's rights. social mediation, juvenile delinquency, gender issues, social movements, family violance and victimology.

# Miss Gabriela Piontkowski, Public Prosecutor - Germany

Gabriela Piontkowski is a Public Prosecutor and works in the field of research and educational projects. Her focus includes victim protection, psycho-social accompaniment, sex crimes, radicalisation and data protection.

Gabi contributes her expertise to CIRD in the field of women's rights, children rights, gender issues, family and domestic violence and victimology as well as criminal law.

# Mister Torben Adams, United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Expert - Germany

Torben Adams is  an Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer in the Justice Section of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). He works as an international program coordinator for the Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighter Detention Program.

Torben contributes his expertise to CIRD in the fields of radicalisation, terrorism, prison and resocialization as well as international cooperations and international law.

# Prof. Dr. Arthur Hartmann, Professor of Criminal Law - Germany

Arthur is habilitated professor and his focues includes restorative justice with victim-offender-mediation, money laundering in the context of policing and social impact. He has a wide range of expertise in research projects and academic education

He supports CIRD with his expertise and contacts in the field of criminal law, research and education.

# Prof. Dr. Ulrich Herrnkind, Legal Expert - Germany

Ulrich is a professor emeritus specialized in general and special tax law as well as tax procedural law. He was the department spokesman for tax administration and head of the international course in tax and business law at the University for Public Administration in Bremen.

He contributes his expertise to CIRD in the fields of money laundering, terrorism financing, tax evation and procedural rights.

# Andi Kananaj, Director of the public Agency for the support of Civil Society -Albania

He has been a lawyer for the families of the victims of the Gerdec tragedy and is known as an activist and critical publicist.

He contributes his experiences and expertise in and on the Balkan Region.

# Timo Heidorn, Entrepreneur - Albania

Timo Heidorn is our expert for regional field information regarding governmental, public and private as well as security and civil society developments on the Balkan region and contributes his insights and contacts whenever necessary and helpful.

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