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Our Projects

CIRD implements scientific research, action and educational projects to strengthen ‘The Rule of Democracy’. Our focuses are in the area of international sentiment and tolerance as well as the free democratic basic order and European values. Recent phenomena as well as permanent issues, that promote or challenge democratic values, are in the focus of CIRD. Working on the highest scientific standards, we cover a wide range of topics, including Human Rights & Good Governance, Law Enforcement & Security and Justice & the Rule of Law in various contexts.

We always pursue a holistic approach and interdisciplinarily link the different perspectives, experiences and knowledge of the relevant actors. So that we learn from and with each other.

Under international and national funds we work within the framework of e.g. the EU ISF fund, EU Justice Programme, EU Horizon 2020, EU Rights Equality and Citizinship (REC), Erasmus+ as well as with funds from Federeal Ministries like the BMBF;

We would like to give you an overview about our current work:

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CIRD supports the University of Public Administration in Bremen (HfÖV) in the project UNCHAINED. The project runs for two years, starting in 2021 and involves four partners plus the project coordinator from different EU member states.

Untangling the trafficking chain: Every day thousands of women, men and children are trafficked worldwide for various exploitative purposes. The dynamic nature of trafficking in human beings (THB) and the plurality and complexity of its forms make it notoriously difficult to investigate. Yet despite this complexity, it remains a heavily profit-driven crime that is profoundly difficult to operate without leaving a financial footprint.

The main objectives of the project are to enhance the capacity of specialised officers and investigators operating within counter-trafficking, counter-organised crime, and financial investigation units to use financial enquiries & big-data analytics in suspected THB cases as well as strengthen the capacity of private businesses and public authorities to identify suspicious financial activity and follow standardised reporting procedures fir close cooperation with Law Enforcemenet Agencies (LEASs).  

CIRD e.V. is looking very much forward to support the HfÖV and the project team in such an important matter.

Please find more information about the project here.

*** BIGOSINT ***

CIRD e.V. will support the University of Public Administration in Bremen (HfÖV) in the project BIGOSINt, starting in November 2021.

The migration of manifold components of the human trafficking chain to the internet has expanded the playing field of human traffickers. As emphasised in the UNODC 2020 GLOTIP Report, the web facilitates highly targeted victim recruitment, access to an infinite number of victims, anonymity for offenders and profiteers, covering the traces of financial transactions, and new, devastating forms of exploitation. BIGOSINT will develop and pilot advanced, intelligence-led tools to enhance investigations into internet-abetted trafficking in human beings (THB), directly targeting the diverse roles that the cyber-environment plays in the THB chain. As an extension of the EU-funded project UNCHAINED, BIGOSINT will expand the counter-THB tools with technologies to 1) enhance LEA access to, and monitoring of, open and closed environments online, 2) boost investigations into and understanding of cryptocurrency transactions. The tools will be integrated into the FAST platform, developed within UNCHAINED and adapted for the specific purposes of the BIGOSINT project, allowing smooth and secure data-sharing among LEAs and, using a different access-level model, between them and private entities involved in counter-THB operations. The BIGOSINT investigative techniques will be piloted for a period of 20 weeks, supported by innovative LEA training on implementation of the tools, the dynamics of internet-facilitated THB, and models for cross-border and inter-agency cooperation. Training will reach 100 LEAs from 3 pilot countries using the training of the trainer methodology, incorporating innovative virtual reality training, immersing participants in simulated scenarios based on real-life cases. National inter-agency teams will be established in 3 Member States and a Communication Toolkit will be deployed to support the protection of potential victims, and vulnerable groups in particular.

More Information about the project coming soon.

CIRD e.V. is looking very much forward to support the HfÖV and the project team in such an important matter.

*** CRIMART ***

CIRD e.V. will support the University of Public Administration in Bremen (HfÖV) in the project CRIMART, starting in November 2021. The project aims to promote international law enforcement cooperation in the fight against organized crime against property and illegal trade in cultural goods and Cites, which will increase their operational capabilities. An analysis of the situation will be carried out and recommendations will be developed that can then be disseminated across the EU, facilitating networking to establish harmonized investigation methods. The consortium will undertake work aimed at stimulating the operational activities of law enforcement
agencies regarding the mobility of organized crime groups in relation to crime against property. Training activities, information exchange and networking are foreseen. The project will involve 6 partners from 5 countries: Poland, Germany, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Moldova. The project beneficiaries will be Police and Customs officers who are directly participants in the project. They will serve as multipliers for the target professional community in the 5 directly involved countries and all ISF and associated countries. In addition, long-term beneficiaries will be residents of the countries participating in the project, art collectors, traders, gallery owners, museologists, and scientific circles.

More Information about the project coming soon.

CIRD e.V. is looking very much forward to support the HfÖV and the project team in such an important matter.

*** Easmus+: Jean Monnet Module ***

CIRD is happy to announce the interesting project of our partner Northern Business School: 'ERUPT - European Rights and Union Protection Tools'. The projected has been granted by the European Commission in summer 2020 and will run for a period of three consecutive years until November 2023.  

As the European dimension is becoming increasingly important at political, legal, societal, and corporate levels, the project introduces additional courses with a focus on those aspects deriving from or based on EU and European Law as well as European Integration. The topics chosen for the Erasmus+: Jean Monnet Module project address the needs identified throughout the last years when providing lectures to the students, graduated public service officials and civil society actors in Hamburg. It apparent that additional specialist in-depth knowledge on European aspects regarding the respective professions is required to further the course participants’ understanding of the relevance and impact of European measures for their daily work across sectors.

For more Inforomation about the project and how to participate, please click here.

Erasmus+: Jean Monnet Modules are short teaching programs/or course in the field of European Union studies at a higher education institution. The aim of the modules is to promote research and teaching experience among young researchers, scholars and practitioners in EU issues, foster the publication and dissemination of academic research, create interest in the EU, foster the introduction of an EU angle mainly into non EU related studies and deliver tailor-made courses on specific EU issues relevant for graduates in their professional life. See for detailed information provided by the European Commission here.

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