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About us: Who we are and what we do

CIRD is an independent, registered association in Germany and recognized as a non-profit organization based in Lübeck. According to its statutes, CIRD pursues the purpose of 'promoting science and research' and 'popular and vocational training'.

Our focuses are in the area of international sentiment and tolerance as well as the free democratic basic order and European values.

We are convinced that democracy and the rule of law are an inseparable bond and that both are important components to ensure a respectful and harmonious coexistence of all mankind - now and in the future. That is why we talk about ‘the Rule of Democracy’. It is our strong belief that independent science and comprehensive education are elementary to create fact-based and thus sustainable knowledge, which makes them integral parts of a functioning and strong society, and relentless to defend and strengthen the values of ‘The Rule of Democracy’. Therefore, the civil society has a significant role to take responsibility, to collaborate and to contribute to this values.

It is our goal, together with partners from Europe and the world, to implement scientific research and educational projects to strengthen ‘The Rule of Democracy’ and to create a strong network between all actors in order to promote sustainable education for societies based on scientific knowledge. Our Network includes among others universities, NGOs, state authorities, companies, international organizations and individual experts.

With our expertise we support our partners in the acquisition of project funds, implementation and administration. CIRD also independently conducts research and action projects from state, federal and EU funds with the support of our experts.

Recent phenomena as well as permanent issues, that promote or challenge democratic values, are in the focus of CIRD. Working on the highest scientific standards, we cover a wide range of topics, including Human Rights & Good Governance, Law Enforcement & Security and Justice & the Rule of Law in various contexts.
We always pursue a holistic approach and interdisciplinarily link the different perspectives, experiences and knowledge of the relevant actors. So that we learn from and with each other.

CIRD would like to make the results and findings as well as relevant topics available to the interested public and specialist audience and therefore regularly publishes its own journal. Coming soon

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